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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions…

Every year, I say I'm not going to make a list of resolutions, but then I do. I'll probably fail at better than 50% of them, but hey, at least my intentions are good, so here goes...

1. I resolve to color outside the lines more often, and use the brightest most obnoxious colors in the crayon box.
2. I resolve to eat more desserts, especially anything involving chocolate frosting.
3. I resolve to be more playful in mind and in spirit...and in bed.
4. I resolve to dance like no one can see that I dance like a middle-aged white woman who can’t let go of the 80's.
5. I resolve to stop wearing black all the time (doubtful this one will come to pass.)
6. I resolve to give up my hidden stash of chocolate (also doubtful.)
7. I resolve to quit hounding my daughter about cleaning her room, and just shut the door once in a while.
8. I resolve to try to stay up til at least 10pm every night (instead of crashing at 8pm.)
9. I resolve to stop sweating all the small stuff, thus saving more energy for the really big stuff.
10. I resolve to make time for the things that I love that I never seem to have time for anymore.
11. I resolve to stop procrastinating about I don’t--never going to happen.
12. I resolve to engage in more heartfelt belly laughs.
13. I resolve to let go of relationships that are 75% effort on my part, and 25% effort on the other person’s part.
14. I resolve to spend more one on one time with my daughter, whether it be playing chess, or rummy, or just hugging her extra tightly.
15. I resolve to hold hands with Bill whenever I have the opportunity, and make every kiss count.
16. I resolve to call my family more often.
17. I resolve to let go of life’s pettiness and drama, and concentrate on what is really important.
18. I resolve to focus on my contributions to the world around me, instead of just the lack of contributions of others.
19. I resolve to breathe more deeply, and stop to recognize the beauty around me.
20. I resolve to make every moment count, good, bad or otherwise because the sum of those moments are what makes us who we are.
To each of you, I wish you every a new year filled with joy and laughter, good health and happy moments. We have all earned a good year, I think, so let's try to make it as wonderful as possible.

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  1. Happy New Year Christina!!! Love to have you in my life!