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Friday, April 29, 2011

God Save the Queen...

Yes, I really do still believe in the fairy tale. I was up at 5am, watching, with great anticipation, the royal wedding. I called my mother at 6am, fearful that she will still asleep and I would wake her...never a good thing to do, because it usually involves a bit of cursing on her part. But she was up, watching as well. It made me smile since I can still remember her and myself rising at an ungodly hour thirty years ago to witness Diana’s marriage to Charles. Nice to see some things never change. I woke Tricia early, and we turned on every TV in the house so we could get ready for the day and not miss a thing. We chattered about it all - William’s uniform, Kate’s dress and tiara, every outfit worn by every member of the royal family as they arrived. By the way, someone needs to have a “chat” with Beatrice and Eugenie about their wardrobe selections. What was Beatrice thinking when she chose that extraordinarily ugly hood ornament of a hat??? I damn near fell off my seat when I saw it. No matter she was wearing Jimmy Choo shoes – believe me, no one would ever see them because I am pretty sure they would never be able to take their eyes of that hat. Oh well, it’s her moment to live with for the rest of her life, although one would hope she removed that travesty before any family photos were taken.

I’ve been listening to people bitch, moan and complain for the past month about the money being spent on this wedding. For the record, I heard it said on NBC that the royal family paid for the entire wedding, and the only expense being paid for by the British government was security. I think that’s reasonable. Yes, there are children starving in Africa, and yes, times are tough for all us working stiffs. Gas prices are ridiculous and I’m tired of paying a healthy portion of my paycheck on necessities. But honestly, who doesn’t love the fairy tale? It was magical, captivating, and above all, a happy occasion. In a world full of nothing but natural disasters of biblican proportions, political infighting, war, killing, violence, poverty and unhappiness, it was such a wonderful escape for a few hours. It brought us all together in celebration of something that is good - the love of two people who want to commit their lives to each other. I can believe in that. If you cannot find the purity in that, then really, you’re missing so much.

What is the lesson in all of this? Well, I’m sure it means different things to different people, and to some, it really means nothing at all. To each their own. For me, it instills the belief that anything is possible. Here was a girl, of common middle class background, who grew up, went to college, and met “Prince Charming”. It’s not about him being a prince really. It is about her meeting her prince. Three years ago, I met my prince, and two weeks ago we wed. It was our moment, our fairy tale, our beginning to a life together. Not so different from Kate and William, although I did notice she, unlike me, did not arrive at her wedding in the back seat of a police car, complete with flashing lights and siren. Personally, I think my entrance was much more of a statement. I just didn’t have as many people watching.

I think about Kate’s mother, and what she must have been feeling today. Did she ever once think that her little girl would someday be marrying the future King of England? I’m guessing not, but to Carol Middleton, I am sure Kate was already a princess, just as my daughter will always be my princess. I wish wonderful things for my Tricia, but most of all I wish her happiness, and peace in herself and her choices as she maneuvers her way through life. And I hope that someday, she has that same lovestruck expression on her face, as Kate did. It was truly beautiful, and she really did sparkle from the inside out. Everyone should have someone they love unconditionally.

Maybe it’s just me still being love drunk on my own wedding of two weeks ago, but I’m literally walking on clouds after watching the royal wedding this morning. It made me believe that fairy tales really do come true.

Wishing you both, Wills and Kate, every happiness that life has to offer, and the strength to support each other in the difficult times. Many blessings to you both…Cheers!

And God save the Queen. Love, an American Anglo-phine.

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