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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I didn't shoot me...

My day has been replete with people commanding that I go vote – on Facebook, on TV, the radio, even my future mother-in-law asked if I was voting. My simple answer? I am not. It isn’t that I am indifferent, or apathetic. At this point, I consider myself to be one of the disenfranchised who is simply beyond disgusted by the behavior of these people who claim to be servants of the people. Pffffffft…you’re joking right? I mean seriously, where do you even start with these bozos? And for the record, I’m not even that pissed at Obama. On the list of idiots who piss me off, he is WAY down on the list. He was handed a Congress full of out and out dishonest cretins and dimwits. He didn’t have much to work with.

I should preface all of this by saying I consider myself a fiscal conservative and moderate to liberal in my social viewpoint. I’ve taken the stupid “what political party are you” quizzes on facebook, and it keeps telling me I am most closely aligned with the Libertarian party. Whatever. I’m me, and that right there is a dichotomy. Do I believe that the government should be bailing out banks? Ummmmm…no, they have to be very very rich if they are collecting the same fees from everyone else as they are from me. Do I think everyone is entitled to health insurance? Maybe. I certainly believe that all children should be covered. Adults? That’s a little more complicated. I hate to see suffering, but I also believe it is hard to help anyone who doesn’t want to help themselves. The real question is how do you distinguish between those who NEED help, and those who just want someone to take care of everything for them. I can remember when I was 25 or 26and living in DC eating candy bars so I could afford to pay my rent, I would go with my $20 to the local grocery store to buy whatever food that would get me for the week. While waiting in line, I would be standing behind someone with five kids, a full cart, salon manicured nails (complete with airbrushing), and a fistful of government issued food stamps. That same individual would then go out to the parking lot, and load their five kids, $400 worth of groceries, and their well-fed ass into a brand new Nissan Pathfinder, complete with custom mud flaps and the ridiculous blinged out grill. Let me note that I did not own a car because I could not afford one on my secretary’s salary. Did it leave a bad taste in my mouth? What do you think?

So there have been a lot of experiences that have formed my political stance over the years. I am finding that as I get older, I’m softening. Suffering of any kind is difficult for me to watch, especially when is because of a truly unfortunate set of circumstances that someone has been handed. The suffering of children or animals is incredibly hard for me to witness. I try to be cognizant of “being green” as much as I can, but I’m not going to walk three miles to and from work every day. I already use way below my quota of fossil fuels, and to be honest, I’m ok with my carbon footprint. It’s a size 5 ½ or 6.

My problem is that I just feel like there is NO ONE running that I trust to do what the job requires – be honest, work for the good of ALL people, and make the tough choices. For me to vote my heart, I’d have to write in my eleven year old daughter, and she’s not old enough to run for office. At least her heart would be in the right place, because the world is a lot simpler through a child’s eyes. I’m pretty sure lobbyists would have little effect on her, because her tolerance for anyone who tries to dissuade her from making anything but what she perceives as the “right” decision would be in for the fight of their lives…that and the fact she’ll pretty much go in the exact opposite direction from any adult telling her what to do. Ask me, I’m her mother. I know these things.

To all of you who will ridicule me for not exercising my constitutional right, or not doing my civic duty, I can promise you this - since I have not voted, I will not bitch about what happens for the next two years. Maybe by then I’ll have someone or something to believe in. Actually the not bitching thing will be easy, as I plan to just sit back and watch how all of this unfolds for all parties involved. I wish I could say I’m hopeful, but I am not. I really do believe that whoever controls the big domed buildings 30 miles from my home, their ability to get ANYTHING done is greatly reduced, because no one knows the meaning of two words – collaboration and compromise. Everyone is too interested in winning, and because of that, no one will win. If nothing else, it will be interesting though, eh? I’m sure it will make for some riveting television. The cable news networks will be in their GLORY.

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